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Who buys CaptureWizPro?
CaptureWizPro is for everyone, especially office workers, realtors, investors, ebay merchants and teachers.

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Awards & reviews

The best of the bunch.
The most powerful and intuitive capture tool bar none.
Davey Winder - Pc Pro magazine

PC Magazine

Wonderfully intuitive to use.
Michael W. Muchmore - PC Magazine

Law Office Computing

It doesn't get any easier
to use than this.
Grace Suarez - LawOfficeComputing

Intuitive and easy-to-use ...
give it a try, you'll like it!
Michael E. Callahan - Dr. File Finder

I don't know how I got
along without it.
Joyce Conklin

Really makes my job easier.
Cel Johnson

I'm constantly using
it for my eBay store.
Mona Harter

My team uses it every day to communicate changes.
Derik White, The CAD Zone

Whipped our archaic airline
program into printing
crew schedules.
Pam Horton

I love how it captures
snippets of PDF files.
J. Michael Ross

Terrific for collecting
real estate info.
Dr Ray Tobiason

Lifesaver when restoring router from captured settings.
Gerald Crowley

CNET Downloads
Best and easiest anywhere.
Charles Strink

By far the best one out there.
Robert Butters

I tried the other utilities,
but CaptureWizPro is best.
Michael Simas


Capture or record anything on your PC

This capture bar stands ready on the sidelines
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Capture images, video and audio!
Capture it all - screen images, Windows Store apps (using touch), scrolling areas, video and audio with CaptureWizPro. Start captures from a small capture bar that hides at the edge of your screen. Or use hot keys or the taskbar icon. Simple tools, visible over any background, guide you through the three quick steps. Capture anything, even tricky items like open menus, mouse pointers and screen savers. This new version is compatible with Windows 10 and touch screen input!

High-performance recorder with timer.
The high-speed recorder smoothly captures every pixel in its exact color with audio. Create demonstrations or record streaming video to WMV, AVI or GIF animation files. Set start and stop times with optional Windows shutdown when done.

Innovative features make it fast and easy.
Our predictive capture tool grabs screen objects, like windows and dialogs, with one click or any area with two clicks. The scroll tool captures any part of anything that scrolls, for example web pages and drop down lists. If needed, you can use macros to configure tools to work exactly the way you want.

Wide choice of outputs.
Captured content can be saved to sequentially numbered files in GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP format and printed normal size or magnified to fit the page. A single click sends captured information to your image editor, or the Windows clipboard, or a desktop sticky note. You can collect captures, then come back to them later using the thumbnail viewer. There's plenty of help in the daily tips, interactive demos, printable guide, and detailed help file.

Why CaptureWizPro is best.
What sets CaptureWizPro apart are time saving innovative features. It's the only screen capture program with a drag-anywhere pop-out capture bar and full-screen preview. Our scroll capture is the easiest and most robust anywhere, as demonstrated in this video. Other unique features are sticky notes, automatic backup, predictive capture and our frame tool.

So handy, you'll use it every day.
Use CaptureWizPro like a digital scissors. Cut out anything you see on your screen before it disappears - from web presentations to PDF documents, treasure maps to computer settings - then send it, paste it, or save it. Having difficulty explaining a computer problem? Snap a screen shot and email it to tech support. Take notes, keep records and create checklists without ever letting go of your mouse. CaptureWizPro makes it easy to share your brilliant ideas with those who don't have the same application or even the same operating system. It can help you every day to explain, remember and organize.

Supports Windows 11 (64 and 32-bit), Windows 10 (64 and 32-bit), Windows 8 (64 and 32-bit), Windows 7 (64 and 32-bit), Windows Vista (64 and 32-bit), Windows XP (32-bit). Requires 10 MB harddisk space and an Internet connection. 4 MB download. Those using Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Connections may be interested in these notes.

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Predictive capture grabs screen items in 1-click

Timed recording.

Capture any portion of anything that scrolls
video demo

Frame tool composes perfect shots

Sticky notes keep captured information visible.