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Avast! antivirus clobbers CaptureWiz
Yesterday, avast! security software began falsely tagging many programs, including CaptureWiz, as malware and proceeded to delete them. We were hammered with complaints. Here are a couple news articles about it:

"Avast has a freak out, goes on a false positive spree" - Download Squad

"Bad Avast Update Labels Files as Malware" - PC Magazine

If you lost CaptureWiz in the disaster, the good news is it takes less than five minutes to download and reinstall it. Just go to our Downloads page . . .


... select your version and follow the instructions on the right side of the page. If needed, we'll look up your CaptureWiz password for free.

According to reports, avast! has since released a corrected update.

Dave Eisler, author

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