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Low quality audio captures
Fix low volume, high static audio by adjusting the settings below.
1  Turn up audio sampling.

On the capture bar, click Capture / Options, then the Video tab. Set the two audio settings to CD quality as shown.

Note, this dramatically increases file size and burdens the CPU. To learn more, click here.

2  Turn up the recording volume.

In the Options dialog, click the Settings button to open the Wave In window (sometimes labeled Recording Control).

Turn up the live channel, which may be labeled any of the following:

Stereo Mix
Sum Balance
Record Master
Stereo Mixer
What U Hear
Mixed Output

3  Turn up the active channel volume.

On the Wave In window, click Options / Properties, then click the Playback radio button and OK.

Turn up the active channel volume.

The other knobs on this panel do not effect recording.

You can also access this window from your XP Control Panel by clicking Sounds and Audio Devices, then the Audio tab, then the Volume button.

4  Turn up the media player volume.

These knobs do not effect recording volume - so don't worry about 'em.

Note, audio captures are never an exact match to the original file due to non-synchronous sampling.

To learn about the sample rate and sample size settings,  click here.


  Screen capture tips  from the author of CaptureWizPro.

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