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Other movie players

Here's how to turn off the hardware acceleration on various media players.

Since players are always being updated, treat these instructions as approximate.

QuickTime Player 1 Open QuickTime Player.
2 Click Edit / Preferences / QuickTime Preferences.
3 Click the Advanced tab.
4 Checkmark Safe mode (GDI only).
5 Close and restart the player.
RealPlayer Real Player version 10 ignores its own
setting for hardware acceleration. So, do this instead.
Winamp 1 Open Winamp.
2 Click Options / Preferences.
3 Under General Preferences, select Video.
4 Uncheck Allow hardware video overlay.
5 Close and restart the player.
AOL Player Turn off hardware acceleration by following the instructions here,
then capture normally with CaptureWizPro.


  Screen capture tips  from the author of CaptureWizPro.

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