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How to boost video frame rate
Jerky video playback is caused by slow frame rate, called Frames per Second (fps). Here are tips for increasing frame rate.
1  Boost the Frame Rate setting
1 On the capture bar, click  Misc / Options.
2 Select the Video tab.
3 Enter a larger number for  Frames Per Second.

For real life examples, see the frame rate example table below-right. Note, increasing frame rate dramatically increases file size! Actual frame rate will be limited by hardware capabilities.

2  Turn off audio capture
On the Audio tab, uncheck  Include audio.

3  Capture a smaller area
The smaller the better. Microsoft recommends keeping videos smaller than 320 x 240 pixels for maximum playability.

4  Close all other running applications

5  Reduce screen color depth to 16 bits
In our tests, this boosts frame rate 50%.
1 Right-click the desktop.
2 On the context menu, click  Properties.
3 In the Display Properties dialog, click the  Settings tab.
4 In the Colors section, choose  16 bit.

6  Restart the computer
Memory gets littered and scrambled as you use it.

7  Defragment the hard drive

8  Install new drivers
Use the latest drivers for your video card and motherboard BIOS.

9  Don't use Vista Areo Glass
The Vista Aero Glass interface is five times slower than Vista Basic, Classic or Standard. For best performance, we recommend the simplest interface.

1 On the taskbar, click Start / Control Panel.
2 Under Appearance and Personalization, click Customize Colors.
3 Click Open Classic Appearance Properties.
4 For color scheme, select Basic, Standard or Classic.

Note, Windows XP is even 20% faster than Vista.

10  Install faster hardware
Every component in your computer needs to be fast, not just the microprocessor!

Application Frame
Rate (fps)
Television (NTSC) 29.97
Film 24
CaptureWiz default 10 click
Minimal 2 click
Frame rate examples.
Reasonable expectations
Expect rates between 4 and 9 fps for 640 x 480 areas. Some testers achieve 24 fps using liquid-cooled top of the line servers filled with state of the art gear, but it'll be years before ordinary PCs run that fast.


  Screen capture tips  from the author of CaptureWizPro.

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